"Please select Source as the theme for this project'?

This error started this morning (Fri 18-11-2022) - Shows in RW preview and Web page preview. Just updated a page with a new item, Source IS selected as the Theme and has been for the past 3 years with no problems or errors. When published, error does not show on website. Any suggestions? @habitualshaker

Do you have a screenshot of that error message?

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what change did you make?

looks like something has broken the css and so the css that should hide that message is not being applied.

Only change is a new item, just as I’ve done for months. There was a Source update this morning, I did delete it and re-install the Source stack it put in the bin, but that made no difference.

i don’t think there is a general issue so must be something with your project. Happy to take a look if you want to send me the offending page (email or via private message on here).

Does everything else look ok - in preview and the published page?

All is as it should be. I’ll zip it up.

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All sorted thanks to @habitualshaker, my error in the adding the canonical link incorrectly.