Pluskit better with some frameworks than others?

Will the framework, and so other stacks on the page, have an impact on whether Pluskit plays nicely or not?

It’s been ages since I’ve used Pluskit (latest version) as I was finding it wouldn’t play nicely quite a lot of time. But I’m in the middle of building a really big single page site (client demand!) and things were getting slow, so I figured give PK a try, and it’s working a charm. I’ve split the page into three, and it all pulls together on the one “main” no problem.

I know it doesn’t play well with Poster, as for some reasons in the past I’ve found styles and fonts get messed up, but in this instance it’s perfect.

That I can think of the only thing that has changed of late with my workflow is the framework I’m using, previously Foundation and Foundry, now UIkit, would this have an impact?


Why not just using partials for everything?

It’s all about page edit speeds: Adding stacks, moving them around and editing them.

The more on a page the more jumpy and slower the edit page gets, so the more this can be reduced the smoother and quicker, and so faster to build, everything gets.

I’ve found UIkit to be really quick in this respect, but on a site I’m presently building even it’s having issues, but it’s a stupidly huge page (client insists on a one page site!). Using PK is the obvious solution, but I more or less expect it never to work nowadays, but it’s working like a charm.

Let’s say you have 5 parts (partials) on that large home page.

Why not add 5 hidden stack pages, all with one partial.
You are then able to edit each partial on one of the separate pages, and the home page just combines the 5 partials?


That’s a bloody good idea. Honestly never thought to approach it like that. It would remove an element from the equation (PK) doing it that way.

This site is nearly done now, and works well, so not sure I’ll backtrack on this one, but will certainly add that idea to my workflow on the next big page.

Incidentally, would still like to hear form anyone (Isaiah) if PK does indeed play better with some stacks/themes than others, or if I’m just imagining things (very likely).

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