Poking BREXITEERS with a pointy stick

I’ve been running EU on my country and just installed Brexit.

Which version of EU did you have?


Ok, was that running well for you?

Yes, but I heard that the Fish application would run much better under Brexit and I didn’t like the Banana Screensaver. I also found a large number of EU Directive Files that seemed to be cluttering up my economy that I didn’t think I needed.

You could have changed your Screensaver to any shape and most people rarely run Fish anymore. But, more importantly, those EU Directive files were part of your operating system. Did you check whether your other applications would still work? such as Manufacturing, Health, Finance?

No, but the documentation that came with Brexit just said all my old apps would work just as before and exciting new apps would become available in the future.

So, what’s the problem?

Fish has crashed. When I run Food and go to Export it’s running much slower. Some of the Import options have disappeared. Oh, and the Sandwich utility has deleted my ham and cheese settings. The only thing that still works is the Virus Scanner.

Did you check whether your economy was large enough to run Brexit?

No, I assumed any modern economy would do. I have a large GDP.

Sorry, I’m afraid you really need something much larger than UK, Even if you had upgraded to a China or America you would struggle. Your single processor GDP looks powerful but it really needs to run in parallel with others. Brexit doesn’t support networking.

Can I revert to EU?

Did you save a backup? No

Then reverting to EU will be complicated, you’ll have to buy a new copy and do a fresh install. Installation can take several years.

Will there be an update to Brexit that will fix these problems?

Sorry, Brexit is no longer supported.

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How incredibly silly! Not only does it take a superior and pig-ignorant attitude to Brexit but it isn’t even funny.

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This topic is a matter of personal opinion. Conservatives will always stand by an old “British Imperium” attitude and progressives always will be aligning with “sticking with EU” attitude. There can not be any meaningful discussion between the two factions. Remember the “Who votes for Trump” thread?

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There is certainly nothing ‘progressive’ about ‘sticking with the EU’ and the greatest critics of the EU and its predecessors weren’t the Conservatives but the old left wing of the Labour Party – Michael Foot, Tony Benn, Peter Shore and Dennis Skinner.

Like I said: it’s a matter of opinion.

I thought Steveb’s post was funny.

I think someone has had a sense of humour bypass recently.

I also enjoyed the ‘who votes for T****’ thread. You get some great insight from others views.

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Well the thread is certainly living up to it’s title

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Peter, this was just some fun, perhaps not to be taken quite so seriously?

However, if you want to be serious for a moment, so far, it seems leaving the EU has been nothing but regressive for the UK, so interested to hear your views on the benefits.

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This will get interesting.



I thought the original post was very funny. That’s it, but I have got my 🍿 at the ready.

Carry on.

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