PopDrop Launching Issue in IOS


Hi @tav
I appear to have an issue with a pop-drop launch that is specific to iOS and iPad

On desktop the pop drop launches as expected and closes as expected.

However on iPad the pop drop link when tapped momentarily flashes but does not launch.

The pop drop features within a Limelight in case this is a factor

The issue can be viewed by clicking the following link and launching the Patriot Plan product - this launches the Limelight page that itself contains url links to the offending pop drops

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I’m on holiday and only have my phone. Are there any errors in the inspector after trying to open the PopDrop?


Hi @tav

Thanks for responding - I don’t wish to disturb what is probably a hard earned break for you.

I checked the desktop console (not sure if there is an ios version) and could not find anything that pertains to this issue.

As I will be attending Martens session later today perhaps its best I raise it in that session to see if we can isolate the problem.

If we can resolve I’ll be sure to let you know - if not perhaps we can pick up upon your return.

Kind Regards


PopDrop does require that it is present when the page loads. This may not be the case if you have it in a Limelight, particularly if Limelight is set to lazy preload so it may be worth trying it with that turned off.

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P.S just for reference, you can inspect your iPhone or iPad when plugged in via USB; they will appear in the Develop menu of your desktop Safari.


Hi @tav

I can confirm that the pd issue only relates to when the page is called for within Limelight - if I load the page directly (external of Limelight) there is no issue with pd functioning on ipad.

Looked at all the LL settings but could not see anything obvious.

Never knew about the Safari Developer menu with IOS devices - must go and take a look.

Surely it is gin / tonic time for you now?



I’ve just re-read your original post. If it is only on touch devices then the issue cannot be one of being present on page load.
(2 Gin’s in so far)

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Hi @tav

Just a quick update to advise that sadly we were unable to resolve the issue during our workshop session.

Hopefully we can pick this thread up after your bottle is finished and you have returned safely home.

Kind Regards


I have access to a laptop this evening in order to look at this. Unfortunately I can’t find the PopDrop to see it working on desktop before finding out why it doesn’t work on mobile.

You say the “links” in the Patriot limelight - any more clues?

All I can find is the link the opens a reveal modal from the picture and the links that open new windows.

What am I supposed to be clicking?


Hi @tav

Wow back so soon - did you run of gin??

So the issue manifests itself on IOS devices .

If you navigate to the https://csmltd.com/medical/travel-insurances page and scroll down to the “Single Trip” product and click either the image or the “Details” button a Limelight will launch.

Contained within the Limelight is another page from my site (it can also be referenced by its own url at https://csmltd.com/medical/travel-insurance-img-patriot)

Scrolling down this page you will come across 3 text links the first of which reads “Adventure sport option rider”

This and the other two links should open a pop-drop.

However on IOS devices the pop drop flashes into view momentarily and then disappears.

If however I go directly to the referenced Limelight page at https://csmltd.com/medical/travel-insurance-img-patriot and click either of the 3 links they will open on IOS devices.

This means to my untrained eye that there is an issue with opening pop drops that are contained within a Limelight.

I do hope the above assists.

Kind Regards