Popdrop niggles

Hey Tav,

Just got back from a month in the US so back to work. Liking PD but two things I’m struggling with.

Firstly modal. Can this have percentage of browser setting as oppose to just modal max width in px?

And second, Label. If I wrap say MENU in tags nothing happens, it just shows the MENU with tags


PopDrop modals can only work using a max width. It was never really a modal and that feature was added after user requests. It is designed as a message pop up though and not a lightbox style modal. Limelight should be used for that.

The menu text is not a styled text input - just text.

Fair enough. I’m trying to replace my facet menu but I can’t get PD to do what i need. Roll on Menu Lab!

Facet will be in menu lab

Just scrolling through weaverspace and read one of your replies about using the PD launcher for LL. Sorted, should have realised this. Great.

Still can’t wait for the day that the final ML stacks are arriving…

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