Possible to use Grid Plus in other theme?

Hey Stuart-
I have an existing Foundation 6 project that I’d love to use your Grid Plus stack in, if it’s possible. When I drop the stack into the project, I get the warning that it requires either the Source Base stack (I’m pretty sure that won’t be feasible) OR the Source Grid Enabler Stack (I’m really hoping this one is possible). However, I don’t see this stack in my library (I do own Source and the Add-on pack) or on your website. However, since it shows up in RW, I’m hoping maybe it’s available by request?

Think the Source Grid Enabler stack is a standalone purchase.

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Grid Enabler is a standalone stack -see it here(at the bottom of the page): Store | Source

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Many thanks, @jacksona & @thinkfilm! Not sure how I missed the link at the bottom of his page, but I’m pulling out my Apple Card now. ;-) Cheers!!


And in case you need some info about using it: Grid enabler stack | Shaking the Habitual Knowledge Base

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@dave I recently took over a large RW project built using Foundry. My initial idea was to use the Grid Enabler stack to allow access to the Source grids. However, in the end I just abandoned Foundry for all new pages and rebuilt the critical pages, such as the home page, using 100% Source.

Having a site built with 2 “themes” or frameworks is completely transparent to page visitors and although the additional micro framework is being added, the Source pages are significantly faster and achieve better PageSpeed reports for everything and in addition the Source pages also preview quicker. The main thing required was to match the colours, create a Container Base that matched the Bootstrap padding and margins and duplicate the appearance of buttons.

I am currently exploring replacing the Foundry Footer layout throughout the Foundry project, with a Source footer layout using Source SVG, Button Container Base, Utillity stack, Coder, Paragraph and Header stacks, and it appears to work perfectly. I still need to do more testing but this could be the birth of hybrid framework web building.


Love that, Gary! I won’t need to go that far with this project; just dropping in a few Source grids should suffice for now.

I’ve long owned Source but never built anything with it. In addition, over the past few years, my 9-5 job has changed, and I’ve done very little web design work. As it looks like this is going to be changing, I purchased one of Steve’s (@TemplateRepo) projects to a) overhaul an existing site, and; b) force myself to use Source. I was blown away by Grid. What we can do within Rw (or Stacks or whatever) has come a long way over the past few years.

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