Possible using ButtonPlus2

I have a client who needs a special button inserted in their website for a few days. The code looks similar to this:

<script src="https://humanfund.s3.amazonaws.com/donation-widget/humanfund-button.js"></script><button class="humanfund-button" data-campaign-id="000000" data-host="https://www.humanfund.com" data-org-id="55555555" data-preview="" style="background-color: #8CC640;">Donate Now</button>

I’d love to stick this into a ButtonPlus2 so that the button matches the other buttons on the page. Possible?

Afraid not - the data attribute setting will only allow one attribute and you need 3 on there.

I added attributes to button plus before people were so adept at adding code so the data name and the value were separated in the settings (remember at that point I was getting grief for having a custom class setting in my stacks from many other devs).

If you want and you can’t make something else look the same then I could add another input “just cause its you!”


Haha - many thanks, Andrew. I’m genuinely touched. But, please don’t bother. The campaign is for a special “Day of Giving” that’s just stateside next week, and one day only. They can have their ordinary-looking button for a day. In fact, I’ll hide it behind a ButtonPlus2 using a PopDrop, so it will still look great on the website.


You could have foreseen this mate 😄