Post comment not appearing with Comments

Hi Will, I know I’m jumping the gun here, as I’ve not yet done the usual “remove elements until fixed” thing, or any real investigation (well, done a bit of both with no joy), but I’m wondering if you’d mind having a very quick glance over the error messages this page is pulling up…

The comments stack has post comments turn on, but the post comments bit isn’t appearing.


Seems to be working fine for me, other than the webpage is quite slow (> 15 seconds) to load.

Ahh, that’s interesting. Must be a browser extension my end!

Thank for that.

EDIT: Well flip me, working for me too now! I did a couple of updates and a republish just before posting above, I did check the page but didn’t clear the cache, so whatever was causing the problem must have got sorted some how.



Ya, OK, fair enough.

But, in my defence this “issue” was there for ages, and no matter how many times i changed things and cleared the cache, it was still there, so I just kinda got lazy this morning.

But anyway, shut up.

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