Poster 2, Archive question

hello, I’m new to Poster 2 and I would like to have a blog (like the RW blog) but released with stacks so I can use other stacks inside a Poster 2 item.
Therefore I have set Layout to “RW Blog” and the Archive Style to “RW Theme Default”.

When adding a few blog items (including Categories and Tags) after switching to preview mode I don’t see these archive items on my page.

What did I miss? Do I have to enable the archive somewhere?
thanx for your help

ps I am using themes from Multithemes or from Elixir

See blog archive

I have already seen this tutorial but I assumed that checking this box “RW Theme Default” would create the archive for me.
If I understand the procedure correct, I have to add the shown HTML to the sidebar or into an ExtraContent box myself. It is just the way the archive parts then would by displayed. Either in a list or grouped like in RW.
Thanx for the clarification.