Poster 2 - As a FAQ Page?

We are looking for an example or a suggestion for using Poster 2 for our FAQ / Q & A section of our site. We are not sure how to tackle it; we want it to be simple and user friendly.

It’s an important part of our site and we would like to get it right.

No example, but would suggest using RW layout, in the list view have the title as the question, maybe a snippet of the answer as the header. Then a read more link to open out the detail with the full answer.

It’s hard to give any other advice without first understanding how you want things to layout.

I should say, Poster 1/2 is brilliant, one the best content management stacks there is, but for an FAQ it wouldn’t be by go-to solution. It might be perfect for what you have in mind, but I don’t know what you have in mind!

We are building a BBQ and Grilling website with recipes, how too and reviews.

There are many tips and tricks that would work well as a Q & A section.

The layout is a work in progress and the Q & A section would be separate from the blog section (current battling how to best add photos for future blog posts.

We would appreciate your suggestions.

You still haven’t really given any insight into how you see the FAQ section being laid out.

You could replicate the blog layout, but most FAQ sections, depending on size and complexity of answers, use accordions. This is the way 90% of the FAQ’s on RW sites work.

I’m not for one minute saying you can’t use Poster, but I/we need your vision for the FAQ section to offer anything meaningful.

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I think the Poster 2 support page is a perfect example of an FAQ page itself. Of course build with Poster 2.


Agreed. Looks great, and is able to present a bit more info to the user before clicking “Read More…” than an accordion.

@weeQtoo I think that is set up more or less as I suggested in my first post.

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We thought about using an according stack, but the downside is no way to search and we could easily have 50 or more questions in this section.

We sure do appreciate the insight.