Poster 2 - Category Page

Looking for a place to start trouble shooting.

Everything works fine in preview. Once published the Category Page loads, but the Poster Items don’t load into the Category Page.

The main Poster page loads perfect.



I cannot help you without a link to a published website.

Difficult to say. Works for me on my demo page: Htaccess | Poster 2 - Web Design

I guess you have to post your htaccess file here.

No worries, I missed a Pretty URL / Htaccess file name change. I’m back up and running.

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Is there away to add a heading to each Category Page, to identify which Category is being viewed?

inside the template, you’re able to use tags like these therefore:

{{#filter}}{{#category}}<h2>Category {{category}}</h2>{{/category}}{{#tag}}<h2>Tag {{tag}}</h2>{{/tag}}{{#date}}<h2>Date {{date}}</h2>{{/date}}{{#author}}<h2>Author {{author}}</h2>{{/author}}{{#search}}<h2>Search {{search}}</h2>{{/search}}{{/filter}}

in detail:

{{#filter}}{{#category}}<h2>Category {{category}}</h2>{{/category}}{{/filter}}