Poster 2 – feature request

Hi, Jannis,

I have requests from readers of my Family Portal to be able to have an entire Article’s text in a RSS feed, instead of just a Summary. Would that be possible for you to to accommodate? Or is it already possible, only I’m not aware of that?

Then you have to put all that text into the description field of the Poster Item.

Thanks. Yeah, that seems like a reasonable solution…
Only the total number of bytes doubles that way. And if I add photos, it gets much bigger.

You’re not able to add photos to the description. That’s a plain text field.

Oh, well, then that’s not really a viable option, especially if it’s plain text that can not be styled…

The purpose of this feature request is to avoid opening posts in a browser.

Then you have to add img html tags to this description, so that the rss reader is able to load these. Sorry, I won’t add the whole text of the post into the RSS feed.

I understand that the ‘Description’ is not the right place to put the whole of a post in. But how about doing this inside of the ‘Summary’? Adding an option to choose between full or digested content would be probably much better choice?