Poster 2 - Foundry Card Deck

Is there away to use Foundry’s Card Deck stack layout options as the layout for the Poster’s List View?

Thank you for the help!

Yes, you can build your own list template with a Foundry Card:

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Which layout are you using in Poster 2 stack “Basics” Layout option?

Are you using Card Stack the Card Deck Stack to layout the grid?

You can use the flex layout therefore.

And, you have robuste directly the card, not the card deck.

Using flex Lay-out will mimick the “deck”.

So just place a card inside the template. When I have time I will update the demo file with that.

Just to make sure we are on the same page: Is the Poster Stack Layout set to Flexbox Column ? or is the “Fill Mode” set to flexible?

Not sure which you were deferring to.

Is there away to use the the TOP IMAGE option in the CARD STACK?

In other words can we add a mustache tag to insert the header image into the the TOP IMAGE option in the CARD STACK?

Are you able to add a warehouse image link in Foundry 2?

I see that in Foundry 1 this is not possible.

Not sure if you have a trick for using this as an option - Foundry 2 has added - * Remote Images. Many of Foundry’s image-based stacks can now use remote URLs for linking to your image assets in addition to the normal drag-and-drop functionality.

Then please try to add following in the link selector:


The image shows as a “?”

Sorry, I don’t have Foundry 2 and cannot replicate this issue.

Did you add an image to the header section of the item?

Please publish a test page and share the link.

Was using the foundry image stack. Switched to the Poster 2 Image stack and all is good.

Thanks for sticking with me.