Poster 2 Freestyle Template Blog

Hi, I’m trying to setup a blog page using Poster 2 and the Freestyle Template and the Markdown Folder . I’m clearly doing something wrong as nothing is showing up on the page. Anyone know what I’m missing?
Here’s screenshot showing my settings:

Off the top of my head you also need a Template List.

Would that be in addition to the Template Detail?

Yes. AFAIK the Template List defines how the whole blog will appear, e.g. a 3 colum grid. The Template Detail defines how the idividual Blog Post will appear when a Blog Item has been clicked. The Item defines what will appear in each Blog Item content.

@Webdeersign Thanks for that Gary. That got me so far as you can see here:
However when the posts are clicked on nothing shows. Any idea why this might be?

Your template detail is missing a post area.

Please copy the Source example and modify that.

There is no link to a source project file on that page.

The whole demo site is included here. It’s the exact project file.

Found it thanks.

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