Poster 2: Linebreaks not working

Hi all, this is so frustrating.
I write my Markdown in MacDown, which displays the final “product” on the fly to the left of the “source” (I greatly recommend this software, if you’re looking for a Markdown editor on the Mac!).

For some strange reason, while MacDown clearly shows breaks between my paragraphs, the final “product” as generated by Poster 2 does not. Adding two spaces after the previous line doesn’t help, neither does adding


As you can see, the MD text has separation, as does the resulting conversion. But the web page does not. I’ve actually gotten a bizarre effect with trying the

tag (see after first paragraph), but this doesn’t happen every time.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

I doubt it’s an issue with the markdown parser.

Why are you adding a wrong <p> tag manually to the md file?

Beside the theme also uses a different representation of paragraphs than your desktop app.

So you think it may be an issue with the Theme used in RW?

The theme controls how a paragraph p tag is displayed. Do you have a link to a post displaying your issues? This would be helpful.

I do: Lidl Silvercrest Waffeleisen

The source MD file doesn’t have any HTML tags in it, just line breaks.

The content is correctly wrapped into p tags.

For example, your theme does not have any margin on the p tag, where other themes do add additional margin to the p to have the visible line break you mentioned.

You are using Acute, maybe @Multithemes has an idea.

Thank you Jannis for confirming this. I’ll get in touch with Multithemes and post the result here.

Hi, I’ve sent a PM

@Jannis thanks

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Multithemes sent me an updated version, now the

tags generated are working fine.

Thank you all!

Best regards,


Great to hear. Thanks @Multithemes !

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perfect, I’ll do a theme update soon and check the other themes too, thanks!