Poster 2 release

Hi guys,

just released Poster 2. I know it took quite a long time, I redeveloped the whole rendering engine in order to make below features possible.

What’s new:

  • Improved performance
  • Improved SEO, including structured data
  • Mix online and offline content
  • Sorting of posts by date
  • Time dependent publishing
  • Full text search
  • Pretty URLs
  • Design your own blog layout with templating
  • and so much more…

Here is also the new documentation page, of course also build with Poster 2:

Read here which migration options you have to bring your Poster 1 content to Poster 2.

Thanks a lot to my beta testing team!



Just to give those interested a headsup on this: Poster 2 is a stunning advancement of Poster.

Many use Poster for blogging, and it’s really good for that, but I’ve always used it for far more complex solutions, this is one such application that starts to give you a glimpse at what Poster 2 is capable of.

On that page is a local business directory. It’s powered entirely by Poster2.

Businesses that want to be added fill out this form: which generates an email to me that contains all their details in a ready formatted markdown document. I then simple check the details and add the markdown doc to the folder Poster2 reads from on the server. Of course I use Instacks Repository for this ;-)

That’s it. Once that markdown file is added to the folder all the details appear on that page, and are full searchable.

I don’t have to open Rapidweaver at all. I tested it with 1000 entries and it was as fast as anything.

Poster2 is quite incredible.


Congratulations on a successful release Jannis!!

Its been a long time, but I think we all now appreciate how much work goes int making a product with this level of functionality and refinement. Nice work!

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Is there no upgrade option. I have to pay the full price for the product? Apart from the initial discount that is.

Kind Regards


The “initial discount” is the upgrade option.

Ok thank you. Do you have any idea of when the online editor will be available?

Kind Regards

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Ok thank you, got the upgrade by the way. Looking forward to use it :-)

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Hejsan Steveb.

This is really interesting. I am wondering how you get the email to be preformatted with markup?

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It’s really quite simple, I use an external form, but I think a few RW forms can do it.

Many forms allow you to format the email that is sent to you when the form is completed, so you just add in the required MD shortcuts.

So, for instance, if the form has the input fields [business_name] and [address1], [address2], [address3] the template for the form would look like this…

* [address2]
* [address2]
* [address3]

So, in the doc sent to me it looks like this…


  • address2
  • address2
  • address3

And so on.

In truth, I didn’t think it would work, but after a few attempts, it worked perfectly.



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I know.

And modest too.



Actually, I’ve just looked again, and that particular form isn’t using my fancy form thing, it’s using the regular UIkit3 form. Some time back @Lucas added a really cool feature to the form to style the way the message is sent to you, so I just added the required shortcuts to it.

It looks like this…

 title: {{businessname}}<br>
draft: false<br>
  - {{location}}<br>
  - {{businesstype}}<br>
* **Name:** {{businessname}}<br>
* **Phone:** {{phone}}<br>
* **Address:** {{address}}<br><br>

That bit gets copied to a markdown file and uploaded. Simples.

From memory the <br>s are there to make the email that is sent to me format nicely in my inbox. I can’t recall if I leave them in when copying into the MD doc, which ignores them, or if I do the MD end of things in an editor that removes them.

I set all that lot up a week or two before lockdown, which now seems a very long time ago! No idea now if that site will ever see the light of day in terms of getting marketed and used, as lots has changed since then! Shame, I worked hard on that project and really liked the end result.


Gosh. You just build an online editor for Poster. Kind of :)

EDIT: That’s so cool…


Someone had to ;-)

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Can it filter on Tags and Category at the same time?

In Steve’s very nice example, selecting one removed the other.

Actually yes. The thing is, there is currently no selection box available selecting both at the same time (on the todo list).

See demo:

Will only display category = cat2 AND tag = tag-four

Ya, as Jannis said, I think he worked with me to get it to work that way, but in the end I decided to go for a more focussed results page.

Jannis helped me loads with that, I don’t take much credit for the real work. I will soon rip it out of that project, replace the UIkit stuff with general Stacks stacks and make it available via Template repo. Won’t be soon though, I’m snowed under at the moment.


I was happy to buy this upgrade. I already use Poster 1 in a couple of projects. Jannis has always been super helpful in answering my queries, transferring my posts from Wordpress, and providing snippets of css - without complaint or charge. I have held off a third project till Poster 2 was released, because of what steveb described how he had set up his Spanish businesses site using a beta of P2. Where steveb leads, I endeavour to follow. It’s going to be fun.


Thanks all for your support!


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