Poster 2 & Repository

Does anyone have a sample project using Poster 2 and Repository / Repository 2 as the markdown folder source. I’m having trouble setting things up as I’m completely new to Poster 2.


I guess @TemplateRepo has something like this?

Thanks there are a couple there but neither of them are just for a simple blog.

I will add an example to the Poster 2 demo page.

Sounds good Jannis - I look forward to it.

Originally I planned to create a full fledged wysiwyg editor like on medium.
Frankly, this just takes too much time currently. I have to postpone that most probably to Poster 3 (which is very far away, I guess years).

Still, Mr. @TemplateRepo was able to convince me to build an intermediate markdown editor (which was not my initial plan), which will be part of the current Poster 2 stacks.