Poster 2 - Search non-ascii characters

Is it possible to search for no-ascii characters in POSTER 2? it is very important for non-English sites.

my poster 2 site:

and no results if I use word search without punctuation marks (ľ, š, č, ť, ž, ý ,á, í,é > l, s, c, t, z, y…)

with punctuation marks

without punctuation marks

Thanks for help.

I’ll check.

I see now. You try to search for the incorrect writing of a word. That’s not possible.

Hi, it is normally a common word … every other word contains punctuation …


the whole search is unusable when it does not recognize non ascii letters

many thanks, mike

the text file (markdown) is also written in the same way.

thx, mike

Sorry, but for me this is working. I don’t know how you are searching:

See also:žívací

yes, its working… when aj write “zažívací”
but many people are looking for the given word without punctuation… like this: “zazivaci”…
it works so everywhere, google, or facebook … everywhere works search without punctuation …
does not work, no result

“zazivaci” not a bad word … it’s correct but without punctuation


Why Google is able to do this: They are indexing your website and saving the text normalised in database.
Poster Stack is not using a database, so this normalisation would have to be done in realtime.

I am not able to implement such a fuzzy search. this would need a normalization of the characters, which ist not as easy as you think. For the German character ü for example, there might me 2 search cases: u and ue.

I will take a note for a future enhancement of this search, but I won’t add anything now.

If you want to have a search available without punctuation, then take your text, normalise it, and put it into the description field of your markdown text, without line breaks.

ok, try to note and add in the future

what do you mean can you send a sample?


Take a look at the metadata of your markdown file. Your are already using the description field. Enter there text without punctuation and search for it. It should find these words also.

ok, it’s not very good, but the way it is.

I will hope you improve your search.

well thank you. mike

Not wanting to get involved in this, too much, but to compare a stack costing a few quid and it’s search capabilities with the likes of Facebook and Google is a little unfair. Google ARE search, they spend billions a year refining and improving their search engine, you can’t expect Jannis to do the same.

I know that you’re not, that you are just using it as examples, but to really understand the question you maybe need to understand more about how search works, and why Google are Google: They succeeded where everyone else failed: They managed to build a search that worked, which it turned out was really difficult. If not, impossible.

The search feature is Poster is like most search features: Dumb. It just takes what you give it, and looks for it. If you are looking to factor in local anomalies and indeed spelling or grammatical mistakes, you need to look beyond a simple stack and maybe plug in something or Google itself, or a third party search stack into which you can type all of the most common mis-spellings of common words.

I use Poster 2 and it’s search feature quite a bit, and in all cases I’ve put instructions around the search box telling the user to only search for one word and to ensure correct punctuation and spelling is used. That might be an option for you?

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for steveb:

yes, you’re right, it’s probably not easy. I realize that. I like to use instack modules, and I think that this function would be welcomed by many clients, so I wrote about it, and it’s up to @Jannis how to react.

and thank you for your advice.

First: online editor.

Afterwards: everything else.

yes !