Poster 2 - specifying anchor from metadata links

I’ve recreated, from scratch, a Poster 1 blog in a new site using Poster 2. All seems fine except when a metadata link is activated it targets the top of the page rather than the top of the Poster content (which I’ve assigned an anchor ‘content’). This didn’t happen with the Poster 1 blog.

In Poster 1 the link had the #top attribute added, whereas in Poster 2 there is no attribute.

Poster 1:

Poster 2:

Is there a way of targeting the top of the Poster content such that it’s not necessary to scroll down after making a selection from the metadata?

I’m using Source.

Thank you for any advice.

Yes, there is a setting therefore named “scroll to detail top”, visible on screenshots here:

Yes, thank you. But I have already selected that option which ensures that when displaying the main content it opens at the post detail heading. This works fine. But it doesn’t seem to work when the metadata links are activated.

That’s true. Will add it to the todo list.

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Thank you. I’ll now stop trying to work out how to do it!

Could I perhaps also mention that when using the pagination link this also refreshes to the top of the web page rather than the top of the Poster content.

Yes, true, thanks for that. Will add.

Hi, I updated to 2.5 today and republished all files but this doesn’t seem to have resolved the above issues. I assume, therefore, that the necessary changes are still pending.

No, I did not add this feature for 2.5.

Hi Jannis, I note that the metadata links and the pagination links are still targeting the top of the web page and not the top of the Poster content. Is this tricky to change?

Just working on it 👍

Thank you.

Hi Jannis.
I missed your DM earlier but have just installed 2.6.4 and given it a test drive. I’m pleased to say that the new setting has resolved the issue.
Although it wasn’t a major issue I think this update gives the user a better experience in avoiding the need to scroll down after using category or pagination filtering.
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Thanks Bob for retesting, and sorry it took so long to implement.

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