Poster and Armadillo

Im looking at purchasing poster… my only question is can it be used with Armadillo and how easy is it to set up within the poster stack?

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Hi, what do you expect with a combination of armadillo and poster?

Hi Jannis, it’s the layout really. I love the layout of the poster blog, but I can’t get anywhere near that kind of layout with armadillo on its own! even having it in two columns I can’t see how I can do that with just Armadillo. The blog does sadly need to be edited by someone else who doesn’t have RapidWeaver… so poster on its own wouldn’t work on this occasion - also the person editing it is not very good when it comes to anything on a computer so it needs to be as simple as possible. As I already have Armadillo I wondered if there was a way the two might work together!

Unfortunately that will not work.

I suggest to wait for Poster 2 😉

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Ok, Any ideas when Poster 2 will be out?

No pressure :)

I really like Poster and am using it on a site that’s nearly finished. Lovely piece of work (the stack, not the site).

However, if the clock is ticking, have you looked at GoCMS? That includes a blog stack that also has some really nice layout options and is designed for someone to update who doesn’t have Rapidweaver.

Just a thought.


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Thanks Rob, I’ll take a look. I have a feeling GoCMS could just be out of reach at this moment in time though.