Poster category/tags archive links as buttons?

Have a look here:

At the top of the Poster stack there are text links to the tags using the usual bit of code in an HTML stack.

What I’m wondering about is having these links as buttons not text links? I’m thinking it could be done using some css but it’s beyond my scope of current skills to write it.

Anyone able to help?

In the example above I’m using tags where I should be using categories, I will change this, so to clarify, I’ll be looking to have the category text links appear as buttons, not tags.

The standard code used is as follows.

<span class="poster-archive-tags" style="float:right"></span>

So, instead of just links, you want to have buttons / button style links?

That’s definitely possible with CSS. Of course depending on the theme you use / CSS framework, you could leverage some CSS classes (needs additional JavaScript).

I don’t have time on the weekend to look into this, unfortunately.

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What framework are you using? Foundation (and others) have built in classes for buttons.

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The thing is, you aren’t able to get the classes into the html markup just by a Poster setting (currently). That’s a good idea, which I would like to keep for the major upgrade.

Nevertheless, you are able now to “pin” these CSS classes to the links with a small jQuery JavaScript call.

Or maybe all he really needs for a tag cloud is just some css for borders and maybe rounding or a box shadow? What look are you after Steve?

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Individual buttons for the categories. Nothing fancy, don’t want them to stack on mobile or anything like that, simple wrapping over multiple lines is fine.

Pretty Sure Jannis knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Yes. I think I know. Give me a button example please, and I will try my best.

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I’ve added some manual buttons:

Like that, but not: Feck knows why but Foundry refuses to add space to the buttons in a Button Group and is only adding the radius corners to the first and last! So, like that, but done right!

I would go ask the dev why there is a space between the buttons and why all the button don’t have the correct radius, but I suspect I’ll just be told “this is not a feature of the stack”, so won’t waste my time ;-)

EDIT: I fixed the daft margin and radius thing with some css, so I’m looking for something the same as it is now on the page. Ta.

Hello Steve,
just looked at the cookstowncycle page - is it meant that there is editable content to be seen on the sidebar ?
Which is not really edited.
BTW good to have other bicycle afficionados in the Rapidweaver business. I am working in the cycling industry as journalist/marketing for 30 years.

Sites not live yet.

I do very little with the trade now. Had a shop myself for 18 years, but like most it closed years ago.

Thanks - just noticed now when site reloaded. Nice one.