Poster conflict with SEO Helper

Hi @Jannis,

I’m using @joeworkman 's SEO Helper to add metatags to my pages but I’ve hit a problem. On the pages where I am using ‘poster’ and I click through to the ‘Main Content’ section when previewing, Joe’s stack flags up a duplicate meta tags error. I have turned generate tags off in RW for every page but of course I can’t get to the settings for the ‘content’ page that poster generates… is there any way to turn off the tags that Poster is generating?


No, Poster Stack will generate the metadata by itself. Please don’t use SEO helper for these metadata attributes.

Ah OK. Thanks. I’ll take it off the Poster pages.

Just for reference, in case anyone else runs into this, it’s only the twitter tags within SEO helper that need removing to stop the flag. This could be based on which social network buttons you use in the Poster stack but it worked for me.

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That has nothing to do with the buttons.

Poster Stack has its own twitter handle set up. See screenshot here:

Ok Cool. Thanks Jannis. Everything is working fine now. I just removed some of Joe’s tags from the page.


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Great to hear.

A complete disablement of the metadata generated by Poster would not be beneficial, as it is dynamically changing the data when selecting a post detail. Without that, you would run into duplicate content.

I did a lot of improvements in the past to the SEO metadata (thanks also to @paul.rowe ;) )