Poster: Featured item... Confused!

I’ve not used the Feature feature of Poster for ages, but just added it and it’s not displaying as I’d expected.

The first item, “1:1” is set as featured. Shouldn’t it be spanning the first row on it’s own?

@Jannis @Webdeersign

If I set Poster to 2 cols then it works as I’d expect: The featured item spans the first row, the rest start on row 2. It seems somehow the featured item is maxing at 2 items width, if that makes sense.

I’m pretty sure it never used to work like this?

It did work like that, i.e. span 3 columns. However, having used this layout a couple of times, I think it works better if it spans 2 columns max and then shows the 2nd Poster item in row 1, Col 3. The reason for this is that when a post item spans 3 columns it can look a bit odd effectively occupying the set page content width. A full width post item can look like it needs more text and a wider (bigger) image. I had to set a media query to reduce the text when the feature image becomes a normal item to reduce the text to fit.

I’M PRETTY SURE WHEN IT USED TO HAVE THE FIRST (FEATURED) ITEM spanning the top row it’s width was limited and it floated centrally?

Certainly, I think it looks dreadful as it is at the mo.

Wonder if Jannis can sort some custom css for me?

(Excuse caps!)

As a temp fix I’ve set it to 2x at bigger breakpoints. Be nice to have 3x on bigger breakpoints and the featured item as described above.

What exactly?

To get the feature item to be the only item on the top row.

I looked with chrome, and it is the only item in top row (on desktop).

It is at the mo, as I’ve set it to 2x at all larger breakpoints. If it’s set to three or more then the first featured items spans 2 columns, and rest are filled with regular items. It never used to be like this. Previously the featured item also had the top row to itself.

Go check the page again in a mo and I’ll change it to 3x.

Changed… But I’m thinking now the total number of cols on the top row is based on the width od the container Poster is in. It’s poss that it was always… Featured item takes 2, remainder are regular items. I’d just never picked up on this before?

For now, the contain Poster is in is 1200px wide, top row is not as I want it… Featured and item. However, as the screen width drops below 1223px the featured item is the only item on the top row.

EDIT: OK, more testing: The magic number seems to be 1140. If the container Poster is in is set to max-width 1140 then the featured item has all the top row. Above 1140 and top row is featured item and one regular item.

I’m guessing this is defined somewhere inside Poser? Either way, I’m sorted. Sorry to waste peeps time on this.

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I hit this problem again today, but the breakpoint seemed to have shifted from 1140 to 991!

It was easy to work it out in the end though: The key setting is the “Flex Min Width” setting in Poster. This dictates.

at which point the featured item spans both columns.

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