Poster - Images in RSS feed and stack

I am trying to use the poster RSS stack in import mode to enable a featured items slider at the top of my blog page. However I can’t seem to get the image to display. I am using the markdown folder stack and have set the following in the YAML metadata

description: Interesting ceramics inspired Tokyo destinations
src: /uploads/2014/09/IMG_0063-300x173.jpg

The title and description are shown but not the image. The url is identical to the header_image which does display. Anyone had success displaying RSS images with Poster ?

The RSS import stack does not display images.

Thanks Jannis - do you know if the images are being included in the published RSS, potentially I could use another RSS stack ?

I cannot check your blog as you don’t have posted an URL. This image is as far as I remember included inside the RSS information.

You can check yourself eg with this app: