Poster - Next Post - Isn't

I’m a big fan of Poster and use it extensively across my website.
I’ve not had this before but I made a new post and when published I realised that “Next Post” doesn’t link to the next post.
I can open the second post and click “previous post” and that works fine.
I did a fresh upload (removing the original page from the server first), but still it links to a post thats may a dozen posts ago.
Any suggestions on how I can go about fixing this?
(I would switch to Poster 2 but don’t have the time/inclination to remake the site with it)
Thank you as always

Interesting. Honestly I don’t know. Never seen before.

Maybe related to the other issues with your website? I see there a lot of (null) statements and also JavaScript errors.

Hi Jannis,
Thank you for taking a look so quickly.
Those Null statements appear sometimes during publishing. It’s related to the old version of sitemap I use. You saw the page just as I was refreshing. It should be ok now, but thanks for noticing.
Javascript errors: Maybe that has cleared up since I’ve republished.
It’s not the end of the world. Possibly if I shuffle the posts about or add a new one it will rectify itself.
Thank you :-)

If you send me the project, I can have a look.

By accident, are you for example inserting the content with copy and paste from word to stacks?

Hi Jannis,
If I do paste text I use option-command-v shortcut, or past into BBBedit first to remove formatting.
I will check all the text now you have mentioned it.
Thank you

The problem with copying texts from word directly to stacks is, that word contains special characters able to break stacks or lead to unforeseen problems.

Yeah… I don’t. You can tell by the typing ability that I’ve written it :-P
If anything there is some text copied from Amazon.
I’m nearly done making the page - There is a lot more embedded links and images than I usually have on one page. That isn’t going to be helping either.