Poster Read More, Next & Previous as a button group?

To the bottom of each Poster item detail I want to add a group of three buttons… Left to see previous item, right to see next and the one in the midble to “Go Back”.

Is this possible? I’ve tried digging out some of the classes and applying them to the buttons but it’s not worked.

This is the button group…


Sorry, that cannot be accomplished now with Poster 1.

With the next version you will be able to do that 👍


Bummer :-(

I’ve hacked up the following to at least style the prev/next. It seems to work. Clean enough?

EDIT: The code originally put here caused lots of display issues, so I’ve removed it and gone with something simple.

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This is odd…

The default gap between next page and previous page is small than the gap between the next post and previous post.

Is there a reason and can it be fixed? I’ve tried vis css but failed.

That should be doable with CSS…