Poster request regarding Hide Content in Edit mode

OK, I am going to ask….

'Hide Content in Edit mode’ is one of the most wonderful and equally one of the most frustrating things in Poster

The quick way to make it ‘not’ frustrating at all would be to allow double click on the Poster Item to hide / edit content, just like Apple of old…(and save me trying to find that tiny checkbox).

@Jannis is this possible? Very happy to pay an upgrade fee for this feature alone :)

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You would have to ask @isaiah to allow something like this in edit mode 😉

Basically, you have

  • a container stack (which is a blog) with one slice area for child stacks.
  • the child stacks (items which represent posts) have a title text and up to 3 additional slice areas in order to add content. They can get a bit large or heigh of course.
  • I am allowing with a checkbox on item level to hide the content areas, just the title text is preserved in order to see what’s the item all about.

What would be cool to have like a double click feature to display the content areas instead of clicking the checkbox inside the child stack.

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Yes, we have the same idea Jannis, double click to show content. Is this a difficult one @isaiah ?

Double-clicking on a stack opens the stack’s settings in the sidebar currently.

Would using Stack’s own Show/Hide control not suffice (shortcut shift-h)? (though this will obviously hide the Poster Item title too).

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That’s the caveat. I would have to change the Child Stack Title dynamically with CSS…


Would a KB shortcut instead of, or as well as the checkbox work, if that is easier? In a hurry the checkbox is slow and fiddly

Seems I got something working 😉


@Nick Like this? This is now using the inbuilt hide functionality and gives you the keyboard shortcut shift-h.


NO!!! Are you serious???

I couldn’t dream of better functionality @Jannis 😆 - how do I get to play?

You have to wait for Poster 2 😉

From @isaiah’s post it looks like stacks is coming out with a double-click on the title of a stack to hide and show.


Oh yeah that’s great and comes in right in time!