POSTER STACK - newbie looking for feedback

Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this.

2 months ago me/my band met with an internet marketing specialist that found and contacted us via TWITTER. She wanted to help us have a better website presence.

Long story short - we upgraded from RW6 with a theme to RW8 and STACKS3, etc. Although the transition about killed me learning a fairly new system and way of doing things…finally the website is responding to version 3.0 and taking off again.

My question is - if people could maybe take the time to review website, and in particular our blog via POSTER stack, that would be very appreciated. I never went to school or had someone teach me to do this, so all new to me and sometimes situations like this you dont even know what to ask.

The poster stack is complex and multifaceted, so it took me a while to get where we are now.

Now with multiple poster stack blog entries, I am now moving beyond the nuances of the individual poster post to the whole thing and its global layout.

I am about to tackle adding some navigation. This was too much to understand at first so I made sure at a basic level it worked, but now I need to fine tune it.

I will be playing around with adding a navigation menu, etc. here in the near future.

At any rate - if individuals that know what they are doing and maybe are more familiar with all of this could review my website and offer any suggestions that would be very helpful I would think since it is all new to me.

This is a band website and we are based in Portland, OR if that matters.

Thanks again any input appreciated. This link will take you to the mane poster stack page. If you like you can navigate from there but the poster stack section right now is my primary focus.

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I had a good look through on mobile and PC. Looks great !

I’m a new user myself so I’m interested to see how others use Poster.

On mobile I can’t tell where one post ends and another begins. A straightforward spacer stack at the bottom of each post might help with that.

I find your Footer a little too busy and unclear to my taste. Poster will automatically add social media links to each post, which may encourage visitors to share a link to a specific post rather than the whole page.

The contact page… oh my … unreadable if I’m honest. A vibrant colour scheme is fine but the colors clash with the text. I’d suggest 2 columns too as my eyes don’t like moving left to right that much.

Reverb Nation offers a number of embed widgets, which would mean for example I don’t leave your website to listen to your music. They have a Fan Collector widget too which may make creating a fan base list easier (I’ve not used it), and user may be more comfortable sharing data with them than you directly.

As I said I’m new to Poster myself, but feel to have a wander through my blog for Teachers.

I’ve also used Poster for the Clip Art, Merchandise, Books, Maths, and Flash Cards pages. Still a work in progress but I feel the look of Poster now aligns with the over all look of the site.

Good luck with it. So far, so good I’d say :-)

Thank you

ps I’d be more trusting of RW forum members the random “specialists” contacting you via Twitter :-)