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When it comes to copying content from Poster 1 to Poster 2 what can move across? Currently within the Poster 1.12.0 stack I have Poster Items of Text Summary content and Main content. If I create a new page can I just copy and past them into the 2.0 poster stack? Or do I have to create new Poster Items in 2 and copy over only the text as copy and paste? Finally, does this mean I will also have to adjust settings to create the same look?

Hi Nigel,

documented here:

This strongly depends how your layout looks like. Do you use a lot of layout stacks inside your poster items?


No, my layout is very straightforward really. I was just wondered whether copying over the “Text Summary content” and “Main content” would cause a problem as they were created in v1. It wouldn’t be too difficult for me to test this myself, of course.

Sure, that will work easily.

Hi Jannis

How long will it be before the upcoming online editor is coming?

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Hi Kent,

I can tell you when available. Sorry I cannot be more clear.


For me, I make a lot of concessions as RW can be very slow, spinning beach ball (buggy!) etc, and the suggested method for migrating exacerbates the problem.
OK, I’m still working on something to make this work but it is frustrating ;-)
I’m sorry for the initial criticism which may seem like a snap judgement, but it is what I suspected could be a problem.
I’m not expecting an answer, this is just another thing to consider…

There are no tools available, which would allow an automatic migration. With this, Poster 2 would not have been possible to create with keeping Poster 1 items directly useable.

Jannis–did you raise the price for your Stack Bundle?


Hi Jannis. The only issue I’m having moving from vs 1 to 2 is the layout. I’m using Flexbox columns and all the settings are identical. What I’m finding is that in my layout there is no gap between the various boxes of information. It’s as if the gutter in the layout has disappeared. The only difference between the controls in v1 and V2 is that in 2 there is box for Gutter in 2, which is set for 30 px. This doesn’t seem to exist in v1, and I didn’t need it . Adjusting it in v2 seems to make no difference.

Like this? Here are 3 screenshots, one with 0px gutter, one with 10px, one with 50px.

I added a border in the override settings to make it more visible.

Exactly. But when I did those changes to the gutter it had no effect.

Then I need a published page. Maybe it’s a theme thing.

Shall I publish both versions onto two pages of my website and you can take a look? Or would you like to see the RapidWeaver file?

Best the published page. You might have stacks on that page I am not owning.

Horizontal or vertical spacing?

Horizontal. It stayed very similar to your first example. I’ll recreate the page and upload here tomorrow with my settings. thanks for your help.

What’s horizontal and what’s vertical 😅

The gutter left - right should be there.

The gutter top - bottom is missing. I will check that.

Now I’m confused! Let me send you the link and you’ll see. The left right gutter is there, just not working for me.

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