Poster2 -How to Build a Category Page?

How do we buildout a Category Page? We would like to have the following on the page, similar to a list and detail page for example being able to add:

  1. a back button
  2. a headline

Thank you!

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What else should this page contain?

An option to have its own summary, different form the list view.

The same template options available in the list view so that I build out a category page.

And this all dynamic?

There is no option to create a descriptive text for a category.

For me, a category page is the output you get when clicking on a category link.

Back/Home button is easy: just a button with a link to the page.

I’m not following. I have no control over the look (layout) of the category output page. How do I add a Home and back button as things are know?

A category page - how do I add a back button?

And I am not able to follow how this should look like.

With {{filter.category}} (not at my Mac right now) you should get the text of the selected category.

Which things you would like to layout in a category page? Both list and detail?

In a perfect world - the layout options would be the same as the list page has. Also, being able to use a different summery than the list page would help build out a different look to the category page.

A detailed Category page would be beneficial with what I’m working on.

The item area would have checkboxes like there are for the list and details. We would be able to check off which summery is used and if the header content is shown. Make sense?

Well, even if a nice idea, this is currently not feasible.

how about a simple back button?

Right now if we send someone to one of our category pages (same with the tags pages) the can’t easily navigate from the category page back to where they started.

That’s a simple button to the page itself. I refrain from adding such a button by myself.

The show/hide stack will allow you to display a button when in filtered list mode (outside of the template).

[quote=“Jannis, post:11, topic:3345”]
That’s a simple button to the page itself. I refrain from adding such a button by myself.

What are your thoughts for "refrain from adding such a button by myself. "

Just place a button as explained, and you are done.