Poster2 markdown folder

I would like to try to insert the Markdown folder in Poster2, I tried my test project just out of curiosity, to understand how it works, unfortunately the page causes an error.
So I downloaded the test project from

i entered the markdown folder, unfortunately same error … i don’t understand.
All locally, I haven’t published the site, but this shouldn’t be a problem, it should work locally, at least don’t give an error otherwise I wouldn’t be able to change anything.


In the project there is the Markdown page … always error.

Which PHP version is installed on your server?

Or, as it seems this is still in preview: Which macOS version are you using?

the preview system in RapidWeaver, PHP inside RapidWeaver.

Mine was just curiosity because the Poster2 system and the markdown folder is interesting. I’d like to learn more and put it into practice if necessary.

Stacks Version 4.1 ?

Stacks v.4.1.2 (5308)

Thanks for the heads up. I just published Poster Stack 2.4.1 via Stacks Plugin updater. Please update to that version and restart RapidWeaver.


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Thanks, everything is perfect now.
You are great, great products and excellent support.
Thanks again.


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