Poster2 - Multiple Blog in One Website

Is it posible, and if it is, how do we add a second Poster2 blog to the same website?

Hi Bill,

Just add a second stacks page and place another instance of Poster 2 on it. See here:


Can I have two blog on one page?


You can have one main poster stack per page.

What you can do is display recent posts from another page (with the rss import).

What’s your use case?

What i’m trying to do is, on the list page have two block of four posts = 8 total post.

The trick is I want to have section of content between the two blocks of four posts. Make Sense?


I am disallowing 2 blogs per page by purpose, because all navigation (pagination, post navigation) would not work).

Using only one blog on a page is an option; any ideas on how I can use the template feature to accomplish what I’m trying to layout two blocks of four posts (2x2) = 8 total post. Separated by a column of text.

Any ideas?

It’s currently not possible.

Thank you!

You are a great developer and business person; keep it up!

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Sorry this is not possible. I can have a look to make it possible to have 2 poster stacks on the same page, but as said, all of this navigation will not work. It’s just how it’s implemented making it impossible.

Using the template might be an option in the future. let’s see how poster stack and its templating evolves in the next couple of months.

Here is an example of (what I think is) the layout you describe using Source’s Grid Plus Pro. I realise this may be of no use to you and your particular set up @weeQtoo - but thought I’d share because, as Jannis says, I don’t think that this could be achieved any other way.

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I am always (positively) surprised what can be done 😃

Did not know this was possible. How did you archived that

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You can add regular Grid Plus Pro items alongside the Poster 2 template (grid item). You can then set those items to appear wherever you like within the grid. In this case (on large devices) the Additional content grid item is set to appear on row 3 and span 2 columns.

I’ll try and add this example into the demo project later today…

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Any chance it will work in Foundry?

It would but you need to have Source/Source Addons and the separate Grid Enabler stack. Details here. The outlay might be a bit over the top if this is all you are needing it for.

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Well I already own the Source Add-on Pack. What else would I have to buy?

Is the Grid Enabler stack part of any of your bundles?

What would it take to move my project over to Source from Foundy? Are foundry stacks comparable with Source?

Just the Grid Enabler stack.

No - it’s a completely standalone product.

That depends on the size of your project and what stacks you use in Foundry.

Comparable or compatible? They are not compatible.

Where and how can I use Grid Enabler?

How would you compare the learning curve of Source -vs- Foundry?

Can use it anywhere. You just drag it onto any page that you want to be able to use the Source Grid stacks on. You can then use the grid stacks as normal.

I can’t really answer that. Grid Plus/Pro takes a bit of learning but the rest is fairly straightforward (i think).