PosterBlog2: Free Blogging System For Rapidweaver

I'm pleased to announce the launch of PosterBlog2 on the Template Repo site. And best of all... IT'S FREE!

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PosterBlog2 is an elegant blogging system for Rapidweaver. Powered by @instacks Poster 2 stack and built on the brilliant UIKit3 framework by @Lucas. Although you could quite easily adapt it for any framework or even theme.

PosterBlog2 is available free from Template Repo when you signup to the newsletter.


Getting already subscribed message when trying to download PosterBlog2!

How do I get downlink link?

Hi, it should have been automatically sent out to everyone already subscribed, but as you didn’t seem to get it, drop me an email via the support page: Pre-built projects for Rapidweaver & Blocs and I’ll get on to it for you.

Make sure you send the email using the same email address you are signed up with.

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Just a heads up: New freebies should be sent automatically to everyone already subscribed, but this one has failed, as it’s sent as an attachment, but it’s too big!

If you have already subscribed and want this freebie, get in touch via the support page: Pre-built projects for Rapidweaver & Blocs

I am looking for a fix to this in the longterm.


@TemplateRepo I sent you an email a couple of days ago, but I haven’t heard anything back yet.

Hi, please check your spam folder as I did send you the freebie project as a reply to your email.

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I received it. Thank you very much, and thank you for your hard work putting this together.