PRE-LAUNCH: ECWID and UIKit3 Stacks for RW from Axyn Technology

Hello everyone,

I am pre-launching my first stacks for RW.

ECWID STACKS BUNDLE: all you need to launch you Ecwid e-commerce with RW and Ecwid (no plugin). Includes an Advanced Store Stack (highly customizable), Shopping cart stack, Categories Menu Stack, Store Redirect Stack, Search Stack, Single Product Stack.

I’m offering a 20% launch coupon for the ECWID with the code RW4ALLECWID.

UIKIT3 STACKS (individually or as a bundle): includes Datepicker, Honeypot, Human Test plus with Graphic Captcha, Tab Customizer. I’m also offering a 15% launch coupon with the code UK3STACKSPRE for my UIKit3 add-on stacks.

SITE IMAGE FIT & IMAGE FIT Stacks: Advanced replacement for Stacks Site Image and Image. With responsive design, it can resize an image to exact dimensions. Images can be set to be clickable links. Perfect for creating thumbnails of same size from images of different dimensions and proportions.

You can find them all at:

Please note that I have no documentation at this time, only example projects, and the help text in the tooltips of the stacks settings. Also, all included examples are in RW8.

I will work on the documentation on the weeks to come.

I hope everyone finds them useful.




I like the sound of the ecwid stacks, it is a pity there is no demo site…

Hi @pete,

Demo site and more info coming very soon. However you may see the Ecwid stacks in action on this site (it’s not a demo site) :

I will also be launching a complete ready to go Ecwid project soon.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions, until I have more information posted about the stacks.




Demo site for Ecwid stacks up and running. Please just re-visit
There is now a functional demo button above the “Buy now” button.

Demo site for Ecwid stacks up and running. Please just re-visit
There is now a functional demo button above the “Buy now” button.

@Ricardo your link takes you to a holding page for your site, found that does work though.

Also could I put in a request for the date picker to have both US and UK english date formats, US is month/day/year and UK is day/month/year.


Hi @pmjd,

The datepicker can pretty much do any date format you need/want. The format ‘day/month/year’ is definitely supported,

Selecting English fixes the date as month/day/year.

I’ve tried overriding it by using Advance Settings -> Date Format but it does nothing to the display of the date, it remains fixed as mm/dd/yyyy
So far I have tried :

All of these still result in the date being displayed as mm/dd/yyyy. Tried in both Source and Foundation frameworks.

Could you please look into it or is there something missing in the tool tip on the correct formatting to use to change the display? i.e. you have to use a different separator other than a hyphen?


Hi @pmjd,

Thanks for letting me know, I found the issue and have fixed it.
The fixed version has been uploaded to Paddle, just login your account and re-download it. Now version 1.01.



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Seems to be working fine now :)

Next up let’s try to get it working with Pi…

Very new to this, so here comes the dumbest question ever - these are stacks that work with and override the style settings of ECWID? You obviously need to already have an ECWID account - does this work with any of their 4 tiers?

As I said, I’m pretty new to this - I know you’re working on documentation. Do the stacks come with your demo site as a practice file? That would really help me as I try to figure things out

Thanks in advance!

Hi @mark180,

Actually these are good questions!
Yes, the Ecwid stacks help you quickly integrate an Ecwid store into a RapidWeaver project, as well as customizing several options of an Ecwid store. Although some of the options can be customized in the Ecwid dashboard, these stacks allow further customization and definitely more control over the final look of the website, as they can override most of the dashboard settings, insuring a consistent look.

These stacks do work with all 4 tiers of the Ecwid e-commerce.

Although I do include some sample projects with the Ecwid stacks (a UIKit3 project, a Foundation project and a RapidWeaver template project), the demo project is soon to be released as turn key UIKi3 multi-page project, using the stacks and some additional tricks to further customize the look of the Ecwid store.

Please let me know if I can answer any further questions… documentation and final store project coming very soon!



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Hello Ricardo,

Does your Ecwid stack allow for a masonry style grid? If so I will buy it now.

I am selling art prints of varying proportions (landscape, square, portrait) and Ecwid, by default, allows only a choice between either landscape of portrait. I requested a masonry style grid from Ecwid’s custom software developers but they are unable to do a masonry grid.

I have purchased and tried Yuzool’s CartCMS which does have the option for a masonry grid but it fails to work with Uikit 3 which is the framework of my choice.

Kind regards

Hi @Langley,

Here is the closest that you can get to a ‘masonry’ style grid using my current version of the Ecwid Advanced Store Stack, please keep in mind that there are 2 screenshots of the images (that line in between is not present on the actual store display):

To achieve this you set the image mode to “fit”…


I hope this helps.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Thank you for that Ricardo.

I put my little brain to work and have since discovered a kind of workaround :

By placing the images either in Yabdab’s filter stack or Elixir’s Brics stacks and adding the Ecwid html widget for a ‘Buy it Now’ button for each item in the Modal I can more or less achieve my aim.

Hi @Langley,

The example I showed you is if you want to just place the store into your page.
You are right, by placing individual items, then you have more control.
Depending on the number of products, it’s much easier to use the advanced store stack vs individual products. Either way my Ecwid stacks come with a single product stack as well.



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Thank you Ricardo, as I have only about 80-100 pieces of artwork for sale I think the ‘Buy it Now’ button widget is the best solution for the time being. If eventually you develop a masonry grid option for the Ecwid shop I would certainly purchase your stacks.

Many thanks for your attention.