Preview in Rapidweaver has become horrible slow

Hej So preview has become very very slow in Rapidweaver. Actually, the website in question has also been very very slow for a couple of days now. I have not added anything to it, so I am at a loss of why this is happening. I got Rapidweaver Classic today, but it is even slower in showing the page. I am waiting minutes for it to show the pages. Also, I did not see any stacks update themselves for a couple of days, but Rapidweaver has been asking me to save the project files as if something has been changed, without me performing any changes. This is really strange…

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If you want to send me the file I’ll be ahppy to see if its the same on my machines.

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I have that too sometimes… a complete reboot of my MAC helps

It is a really big site with a lot behind a lock-in. But I am experiencing the same thing in some other small project files I have. I will send you tomorrow, thank you very much for helping me out.

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I found it. It was a tracking code in the header that slowed Rapidweaver down to be unbearable. Also the republished site is working perfectly now. Very fast indeed as I am used to.


depending on how you have things set up – preview will try to force a full, uncached load as often as possible to ensure that you see the latest info from your RW/Stacks changes.

but of course that can mean forcing a full download of your remote JS code too.

personally i have my JS disabled unless it’s can tell it’s running on You can do that manually by just commenting out the script lines while you’re working. Or you can get a bit more creative with a php or JS script if you enjoy that sort of thing.


always keep an eye out for something that loads slowly in RW Preview!!!

that means that new visitors who are seeing your page uncached might have a similarly slow load too.

The RW preview mechanism is actually a tiny web server that runs whenever you Preview your pages. RW uses php -S behind the scene. It’s not a high performance server – and if your page loads remote scripts they have to come over your internet connection. So there can be some valid reasons to see a slow Preview, like your connection speed.

But it is a good early warning system.

If you see a really slow analytics script – and there are no good explanations for that poor speed (like a slow 'net connection) – then it might be time to reevaluate your analytics partner – or at least dig down and understand why their script is slowing down your page.


In a similar vein, I find if I closed a project when RW is in page preview mode, then next time I open the project, the screen stays white - I have to flick back to edit the page, then preview again to get it to show. This was also happening on RW8. Haven’t worked out why.

Isn’t it loading at all then? It should after all stacks are loaded. Well, in my case, I have above 1,000 😅

No, preview doesn’t load at all for me. I had a good clean out recently of a lot of old unused stacks, so I’ve only got about 300 now, but that loading stacks part loads really quickly on my Mac Studio. Screenshot attached showing RWC after opening a project that was set to preview when closed the last time…

If I remember correctly, this has been happening to me since I first started using RW 5. I made it a habit to switch to edit mode before I quit RW.

Neither have I.

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