Previewing a Partial in edit more?

Morning @isaiah

Based on previous conversations on here, I think you were going to look at ways to preview Partials that are in edit mode. I think, forgive me if I got that wrong. If so though, is there any progress?

Having to exit editing a Partial to preview it is a real workflow killer.

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I too could seriously do with this ‘fixing’. Editing positions of nav content etc is a real PITA now as there’s no instant feedback. Pretty please

No progress. On anything.
Except for my diet – I’ve lost about 12 pounds in the last 10 days. 🤒😷

In a few weeks when I’m back to full steam I’ll hit my to-do list. I don’t generally make schedules since – well – pneumonia and other stuff happens sometimes. But I do have keep a priority list.

Realistically changes to preview caching will be in v4.1. Beta testing those will probably start sometime in December – assuming I don’t have any more sudden visits to the hospital. 🤒

Here’s what my priority list looks like today. Short term items are frustratingly added all the time due to RW changes, macOS changes, and other stuff outside my control. So please keep in mind that what I post today may look quite a bit different in a week or month or year.

Short term

these should each take a few days but no more than a week

  • More Catalina and RW 8.4 Compatibility Updates
    • SiteMap beta needs to be finalized and released
    • RW 8.4 is compiled differently somehow and it is causing many small issues with older things – in particular some very ancient serial numbers have stopped working due to some interesting math
  • A handful of Stacks crashers that should be fixed before anything else

Medium term

these should each take a couple weeks but less than a month

  • assess feasibility of a significant SiteMap update. this is my most profitable of the LogHound plugins. if it is to remain viable a significant update needs to happen – just deciding what that update looks like and how long it will take is a large challenge itself.

Medium-Long term

these should each take more than a month and less than a quarter

  • Stacks v4.1: fill out the dropped improvements and difficult bugs that i couldn’t nail down in the 4.0.x releases.

Long term

these should each take more than a quarter

  • Stacks v4.5: Stack API additions – usually with only a few user-facing features
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I hope you recover fully soon. Take it easy.

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