Pricing Models: Subscription vs. One Time Purchase


Patreon is a very good idea 👍


Forget the stickers, t shirt and FTP app and I’m in. The S4 coupon is very generous.


Never heard of Patreon, but it sounds like a good idea.

How exactly does it work? Automatic payments from a designated credit card, or manually executed donations (monthly, random?)?

Are you prepared for world domination? ;-)


It’s an automated, monthly payment, either from a credit card or PayPal.

You can choose your monthly pledge, and are able to adjust it accordingly.


Right, wos 'appening? I’m confused! Imagine you’re explaining it to a 5 year old. What are we donating towards/for? Stickers and a T?


Still working for that first million. Need one for me first… So starting with $5 a month until then.


Guys, I think Isaiah’s last post is trying to get the point across that dev’s , like most of us, have families and financial commitments and changing direction mid-stream is VERY hard to do. I know he’s fairly well into v4, if not heavily thinking about v4.5 features, so I don’t think things will happen immediately ;)

Patreon is a good way to start on a new venture, especially when you don’t have a payment gateway setup for customers to pay you on a recurring basis. To @isaiah: On the same hand, (I know you did that post tongue-in-cheek) but it must have something substantial in the goals. I think it needs a hard look at the vision of where it would go. People need hard ‘meat’ to chew on, it’s not about, T-shirts/stickers or some side project like an FTP menubar app. It’s all about features in the main app you’re proposing ;)

I’ll throw this out there for everyone to chew on: basically, as Isaiah has said, the current money stream scenario for Stacks for current customers has been $30, roughly every three years. That works out to a ‘subscription’ model of a little less than a $1 a month. Obviously, Stacks has volume & I don’t know exactly what that is, but it’s fairly substantial.

To do a new venture will require commitment up front from enough people to warrant the change in direction and he’ll need help in development as well. So the ‘subscription’ model would be something like $3 -5 / mo maybe, which would be 3x to 5x what he’s getting now.

Obviously, if and when Isaiah is ready, then he’ll have to market the living crap out of his plans and then you guys will need to support him financially, as well as, helping to spread the word in the forums and support the idea when you talk to other people.

It’s good to discuss these things and I think the reasons for the idea of a Stacks stand-alone have warrant. We’ll have to see what the future holds and all I can do is hold up my hand and support Isaiah as a dev and a fan.



Nothing. Nothing is happening. Not yet at least. I was mostly just interested in getting feedback about patreon.

I don’t know much about patreon myself. But it seems like it might be well aligned to my goals.

What do you think?


I think so, too.

Compareable to a certain level (ok, Vue is open source):


What are the goals?

Sorry, but lots of different strands above, so not entirely sure what the aim is.


It’s not like kickstarter. There are no specific goals or timelines.

I think the core of patreon is: the artist/maker/creator promises to continuously make thing(s).

When you join you get special access to the person, the process, and/or the things.

There’s no commitment and no timeline, so whenever that’s IS interesting you join in. And whenever it stops being interesting you cancel.


If that seems pretty wishy washy, that’s good feedback for me. If you hate this or love it, that’s fine. I just want your opinion.

Also: constructive criticism is appreciated. Tell me how you’d make it better. I want to know that too.


I don’t love or hate it, but that’s because I’m really not sure what it is I should love or hate. We’re not donating/subscribing/investing in a Stacks app, or Stacks 4, or an FTP app, rather in you? We put money in, but what do we get out? Is there something tangible at the end of it? Or, if investing in you, like some sort of bargain bucket Dragons Den do we get a share of something that is produced?

I get Kickstarter, as you are investing in someone in the hope that they will output something that you either want to use. I do’t get the notion of giving someone money with no clear objective. I’m not against it, I just don’t get it.

Put it another way: If you, or someone with your skills asked me to invest in them to produce X. If I thought X had value I’d consider it. if someone with your skill asked me to invest in them so they could go and beaver away and see what they come up with, I’d not walk away, but I’d at least want to know where they hope to go.


I think we should give Isaiah time to release Stacks 4 before we can hear his goals for stand-alone Stacks app and the Patreon, or Kickstarter, or whatever.


In all fairness, Patreon is more for content creators (videos, music, podcasting, blogs, etc.). I’ve not seen it used by any software devs. With content (as above) you can create a lot in very short periods of time. Some podcasters make videos of their podcasts available to Patreon members. Music makers make exclusive tracks available - though you gotta figure the best stuff is going on the actual releases. Etc.

I don’t know how effective it would be for Isaiah (or any dev that’s doing anything more than wrapping free/very cheap code in a stack).

Just my $.02


Follow my link I posted above. That’s a software developer creating one of the most growing JS libraries.


it’s a chicken and egg sort of thing. and it has a lot to do with the way people use RW and Stacks: infrequently.

there aren’t enough users of Stacks at any one time to fund much of an app. we could probably kickstart a little app.

but over the course of 12-18 months there are many many more users. with those users we might have something. but it’s uncertain maybe it could be a full app or maybe something a bit more modest. i don’t think we’d know until we got there.

i think patreon could offer a way to let users chip in to something bigger that might be less tangible.

but @steveb has made it abundantly clear that i would have an uphill battle convincing RW users to contribute to something like that.

can’t kickstart it. can’t patreon it. hmmm…
maybe there is no way to get from here to there.


Yes, I saw that. But that’s a real outlier. Take a look at the Explore Patreon and see who the majority of users are:


I’d have to say you would be making life hard for yourself with the Patreon approach. But it can work, it’s just rests on your skill at getting your message across.

I’m getting that your reluctance to go Kickstarter is because you don’t really have an end product to focus on?

Maybe that’s the first thing to get clear in your head? Certainly, it’s easier to get the masses to support something tangible opposed to a general direction.

Regarding your Patreon page thingie, is it real? Are you starting the ball rolling now and looking for support? I’ll sign up no problem to Patreon for you, accepting its up in the air at present, if it is actually supporting you and your development.


nope. just numbers. there are a lot of Stacks users in total. but they don’t tend to be active all at once. my guess (ok, heavily researched “guess”) is that this could only drive about 30% of the funds needed to build an app.

i would have to find a way to make the kickstarter go a bit viral or learn how to type three times faster.