Privacy conditional in post area (Poster2)

Hi everyone, I have a problem to solve.
I have this situation in Poster2 → TEMPLATE DETAIL-> POST AREA:

I would like Privacy Center (category 3) to enable the “Disqus Comments” stack via Privacy Conditional.
Unfortunately the only result is the disappearance of all posts.

Do you have any suggestions?

I guess I need to have a deep look. If you could send me the project? I don’t have Privacy Center, so please ask the dev before if you could send me this stack also.

I was thinking of an alternative solution, but I’m not sure if it’s feasible or possible.
Considering your PHP Cookie Switch stack - which works perfectly - could totally solve the problem even in different situations in the future, that is
by integrating in PHP Cookie Switch an “if value contains”, in this case the content is displayed if the value of the cookie contains the string fragment.

In the case of my project (example) if the value of the cookie (allow_cookies or another name) contains the following string


PHP Cookie Switch displays the content of “available” (displays the comments of Disqus) otherwise the content of “not available” (a button to consent to the disqus cookies) is displayed.

Could this be the solution?

Yes, I can add such an additional value check for the cookie. Good idea. Give me some days.

You are great, thank you very much

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If I’m not mistaken, the Disqus Comments Stack can be added outside of the post area, as it saves and loads comments based on the page permalink.

Therefore, the Privacy Conditional Stack should also be outside the post area and not require the PHP Enabler.

Hi Kennerty, first of all I want to congratulate you for the excellent Privacy Center stack and for its simplicity and for how it works, the speech of placing a conditional Stack in the post only concerns its position within the post (if I insert only the Disqus script in a Privacy Center script works perfectly and is displayed on every page, or even as a Privacy Conditional stack outside the post area works).

The speech of the comments is also similar for Vimeo videos, Youtube or animations such as Genially etc., precisely I would like the conditional stack (more precisely its content) to be positioned in a certain position within the post area, for example a youtube video at left and the comments on the right, or the video above, below the comments, even further below the summary with categories and tags.

Basically working inside the freestyle template.

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Solved brilliantly by Jannis.
Thanks for the great support.
Thanks again Jannis, you are exceptional 👏

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The solution to the problem of inserting the condition based on the cookie string inside a Poster2 post (example for a youtube video) was brilliantly solved by @Jannis.

Unfortunately I encountered another problem, again in Poster2, inserting a Privacy Conditional by Kennerty (outside Poster2) with cat. example 4, (Cat4 enable Custom Font Source example font Lora), the Condizional makes Poster2 disappear completely.

Unfortunately, Jannis’s conditional can only be inserted inside the Poster2 post.

It would take a solution that can be inserted outside of Poster2 that does not create problems but is able to read the cookie string (example, as I said before to enable a google font).

I have done many tests but without success.

There is no reason that you need to use Google hosted fonts. Download the font files from Google and host them yourself in RW Resources.


Sorry, but google font was just an example, I could have said a Vimeo or Youtube video, or any other stack conditioned by the cookie category.
Sorry I explained myself wrong in the previous post.

I just wanted to point out that (in case someone on the forum needs it) inserting a condition in a Poster2 post can be done using Jannis’ stack.

But if someone wants to insert a condition outside of Poster, in a page that contains Poster2, unfortunately it cannot be done because there are problems, such as the disappearance of the entire blog.

Why then not using any other cookie checker?

I add that the Minicookie conditional does not create problems, but unfortunately it does not read the cookie string.

Sorry, I didn’t understand (I use google translate)

Maybe you want to tell me why I want to put a conditional privacy stack out of Poster2?

If this is the question, I can give a small example:

  • at the top the menu
  • under the menu a website banner video (without embedding the heavy video) that reads Vimeo or Youtube or something else advertising (with the conditional privacy) that always remains in plain sight, above, for each blog page
  • the menu could be placed at the top of the video banner
  • under the video banner the blog (Poster2)

but there are many other examples …

However, it does nothing … there is always a solution for everything.

Unfortunately it is the conflict that is created between the various stacks that bothers me, I think, in perspective, one day when Stack5 comes out, all the stacks should be compatible and not risk buying a stack that conflicts with another.
This is an issue that should be explored among developers.

Thanks 👋

Nice idea. Impossible to archive.

Wasn’t this your question?

Sorry, but the cookie stack of poster 2 can only be used inside poster 2.

Yes it is true, and it works perfectly 👍

@Willwood’s minicookie conditional doesn’t create conflict, maybe Will wants to add something to the discussion?

The discussion can be closed,
now it is a fact that in this forum you can only talk about politics between realmac rw9 and stacks5.
Gone are the help, the solutions and the new ideas to solve problems.
I’m very sorry.

Maybe it’s because you’re using Google translate, I really didn’t get your current issue.