Problem linking to Poster 2 page

I am having a problem with a Poster 2 implementation. When I link to the page using ‘’ the result is a blank page. I don’t see the posts until I refresh the page, just the page links, e.g. ‘Page / 1 Next’. If I refresh the page, then it displays the posts. If I link to it using this url, then it displays at once with the posts ‘’. Likewise, the ‘Back’ link loads this blank page, requiring a refresh to display posts. I do not have this same problem with another almost identical implementation of Poster 2, but I cannot figure out what is causing this.

Please post a valid URL.

Thanks for responding. The page is password protected. I will have to set you up privately with login credentials. Are you the inStacks developer?


How can I respond privately. The page uses Sitelok to control access. Sitelok requires a user email address.

One thing that I mentioned which is not correct: The posts do not load on page refresh. One has to click on the Next link.

Replied. You’re the first with such a symptom, so my guess it’s related to another stack on the page.

The culprit appears to be Sitelok. I can put ?page=1 in links to the page, but is there any way to do the same with the “Back” link in the posts?


I made a small change to Sitelok V6.1 which seems to fix this issue.

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