Problems with ButtonPlus 2 in Source


I have a peculiar problem with ButtonPlus 2 in a Source project. When adding a dropdown, it works fine, but just once, if I close it and tries to open the dropdown again, it does not show, and it is consistent until I refresh the page, then I can repeat opening it once and then again it does not open. What can be the cause of this? and how can I remedy it?

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Hi @Kent
I know exactly what this problem is and I’ve already fixed it, just not had a chance to release the update as I was making a few other changes.

If you send me a support ticket to the BWD email address then I’ll get you the fixed stack with the current version number immediately.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey, @tav,

Your new corrected version of ButtonPlus 2 solved the problem described by Kent (which was my problem, as well). Thank you so much for that.

I just noticed one small issue with the drop-down mode: I can’t find a way to set the z-index number. I need to set the z-index to a very high number, so that the drop-down opens on top of other layout elements. Is that possible to do?

Thats not how z-index works I’m afraid. z-index is only relative to the closest parent element that is position relative. Putting a massive z-index on the dropdown would only affect its z index relative to the button which it is inside.

What you need to do is to make sure that the button is in a container that has a high enough z-index (probably is only needs to have a z-index off 0 or 1 if it is on the page as normal). If you get stuck with this then let me know but minimal use of z-index is always preferred.

Good stuff - I think I’ll release that immediately then before I get the other changes finished.


Thank You Andrew, it works perfectly now :-)

My pleasure.

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Hi, Andrew,

I just wanted to let you know that your suggestion (via email) to change the overflow from hidden to visible in the grid item that holds ButtonPlus dropdown—instead of messing with the z-index—was perfect!

I hope this comment will be useful to anybody who uses ButtonPlus 2 stack in dropdown mode.