Problems with Mailchimp emails rendering in Mac Mail

I know this isn’t RW related, but I wondered if you guys might be able to help or have any suggestions.

If I send an email from Mailchimp and someone replies, Mac Mail doesn’t render the email properly (see screen shot).

The emails are fine in webmail and the preview seems to be fine as well. On my phone and Mac it’s just all messed up (see screen shots). I can’t find anything like this anywhere on the web?

Does this happen with 1 specific “someone” or many who reply from the same Mailchimp email?

It is either an issue with how the Mailchimp email is dealing with the reply to that email or an issue with those replying.

Very hard to determine if this is even within your control or suggest a solution.

Perhaps send an email to Mailchimp about the issue. After all, it is Mailchimps business to make sure this does not happen.

I have done that and waiting for a reply. I just wondered if anyone else had an issue as we’re all on Mac.

Thank you :-)

It’s completely normal.

Assuming the email the recipient gets is formatted correctly, it’s common for the formatting to get messed up in replies and forwards.

Now, I’m not saying this is good. Only that it’s normal, in that it happens a lot. Especially if the recipient is opening and replying using Outlook.

As mentioned, this does assume the emails you are sending out are correctly formatted for email, which requires very different CSS to modern browsers.