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Hi - I have a number of t-shirts with different coloured logos on them which I would like to display (if possible) as an array (a bit like a croupier might lay out a set of cards in a sort of semi-circle). Does anyone have any idea how I might do this? If possible I would also like there to be a short delay as each ‘card’ is laid. Thank you for any help. Regards. Jon

Something like this?

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@rob.beattie - Isn’t DeFliGra’s business defunct for quite some time now? I think Joe Workman took over his stacks.

If you put this stack in the basket, it says you’re paying Weaverspace, so it looks like JW took this one over.

These stacks have an overlap look that shows that there are more items to see behind. They don’t have the semi circle look though.

Thanks Rob

Hi - Thanks for this. This one looks interesting and although it does not do the ‘fan’ array - I like the look of it

1LD’s stuff is also on sale at the moment. 30% off single stacks and 50% on 3 or more IIRC.

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Thanks Rob. Just my luck I bought it two days ago :-) However, I am happy with it and I have got a look that I like

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