Project 23 for SOURCE now released

Here is my newest Project for SOURCE. I can’t believe this is the 23rd Project. As with all of my other other Source Projects, SOURCE is just a joy to work with.

This Project is all about recreating the best blog layouts that are out there. The SOURCE grid is easy to scale and add more 'blog" items and like all SOURCE Projects, adds a tiny amount of code to your page.

I also created a new custom page divider for this Project.

Details at
Demo at


Beautiful design!

S4S DropCMS + FileMan are listed as requirements, but I could not see that they are actually used on the page.

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No they are not required. Looks like that made its way through from the previous Project requirements, but that’s removed from the requirements now.

The project is just Source + Source Addons. BWD Limelight is used to display a typical modal use for the multi links inside each blog item.

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Another stunning Source project @Webdeersign. Love it!


Really nice use of Limelight there. And as always looks stunning.

I think it’s really good that the both of us are now producing projects for Source (I’ve another in the works, be a while yet though), and while mine tend towards function, yours are always visually stunning, thus giving the user plenty of choice.


That looks really good! Well done.

Very nice!

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Hi, i have not tried Source yet, is the mobile navigation customizable?

  1. Can the navigation be set to fixed so its always visible
  2. Can the menu items/links be center aligned
  3. Can the menu items come first then have contact and buy buttons come afterwards
  4. Can the buttons not be full width


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  1. Yes. The point at which the navbar converts to mobile is fully configurable. Set it to a 1px and it will be mobile all the time.
  2. Yes. Just add a text-align by adding u-align-center to the nav class box.
  3. Not sure about this. However, CTA buttons first is the way to go. The Contact and Buy buttons are the 2 most important buttons and it would be wrong to add them to the bottom. If the menu is long they could be off the screen. CTA buttons at the top is best practice.
  4. Yes. Just pop them in a Container set to 110px in this case and you are done.

The Source nav is about the easiest and simplest navbars to configure and as demonstrated it’s really powerful.

PS I overlooked doing this and it’s such a simple fix I have now added it and the demo site is updated.Screen Shot 11

Another example is the previous 2 Source Projects I did that show another alternative solution to building a very acceptable mobile menu. Have a look at the mobile menu at Webdeersign Project 22 for SOURCE

Thank you for your quick reply!

I have added a new page to the project that uses the inbuilt Filter feature in the Source Grid Plus stack. This can be really useful for filtering large bog type layouts.

Users can download the new and latest version by logging into their Paddle account and downloading the new version.