Project management app

I need an app for collaborating small projects (5persons) and am wondering if anyone can recommend something? Financial spreadsheets, perhaps 2 or 3 projects. I have no experience with these apps, so can’t say what is necessary! I looked at Todoist and a couple of others and just drew a blank! So if someone has some experience to share, your input is much appreciated……

Hi @Anugyan,

Depending on what you’d want to share with your project partners, my go-to is usually JIRA for project planning and Confluence for shared documentation. Both are by and both are free to use if you need less than 10 accounts.

They don’t include a spreadsheet, but you can publish a link to an Excel file or Google Sheet that anyone can then access.

If you add Atlassian ITSM you also get ticketing and time registration (also free for under 10 users).

Atlassian’s solutions are targeted at enterprises (which is my comfort zone for this type of thing, but it’s not for everyone). This means lots of focus on reporting, but you can ignore that completely if you don’t need it.



Thanks @Erwin-Leerentveld , I take a look

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Check out Duet — — which is very easy to install, integrates well with RW/Stacks sites, and has project planning (gantt chart) and Basecamp-like features. Highly recommend it.

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I’ve used Ora quite a bit for various projects and like it. Free plan is generous though doesn’t include recurring or dependent tasks - which are often key when project planning.

Thanx everyone for your input. Duet looks interesting … checking it out, thanx