PSA For PHPJabbers users: One login for all scripts on a domain

This is really handy, and I can’t believe PHPj don’t make more noise about this.

If like me you often have more than one PHPj script on the same site, it is A. a pain to have to log into each individually, and B. it looks unprofessional for the client (if they have access).

I fired a support request to PHPj yesterday asking if there is a way around this, as I’m just finishing a site that uses four PHPj scripts. They replied with this link:

Turns out this has always been possible, they just don’t seem to have ever told anyone, which is odd!

I’ve just done the process and it’s brilliant. Script admins and editors can now login once to any of the scripts and have direct access via the left-hand menu to all scripts, without having to log in each time.

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Why would a client have access to something that needs a login?

What stage exactly is this login required for?


Erm… Top manage their store, or retrieve bookings, or to moderate their forum, or to check recent messages, or any other number of things that they need to do to their various “CMS” modules.

I don’t really understand the question to be honest!

Well I’m not clear whether you are talking about a login required during the development phase in RW or after deployed. I don’t know anything about this form other than it looks interesting.

E.g. What does this mean?

If a user fills in that form, how does the web site owner receive or gain access to the information?

Are you getting your threads mixed up? This is about a multi-login feature, your asking about the forms? The forms thread in elsewhere.

Regards clients logging in, I’m talking about once a site is live with a PHPj script to add a feature, like a store, or blog, or forms, or booking system etc. The client needs to log in to manage this.

Regards the form script, which I was talking about on the other thread, in theory the client never needs to log in, as forms can be setup to send response to their email, like most forms. But, they might want to log in to check what responses have been received (in the regular even of someone saying they completed the form but no email response being received), or just to check back over responses they’ve maybe deleted from their inbox.

As the admin (you), you might also want to give clients the ability to change the wording on forms, or even add and remove fields.

But, with regards to forms, most of the time the client shouldn’t need to log in.

Yes I did think your were talking about forms. That’s a lot clearer now. I had a look at the PHPJabbers site and there is some interesting stuff there.

This form generator at looks interesting enough to try.

Although a quick check of that forms demo page at reveals that it loads 900Kb of CSS and Script. Not sure how much of that is the onscreen orange widget.

Also your page loads a lot too and as far as I can there isn’t a lot on the page other than the form.

The form generator script is what that other thread is about, and yes, it’s not at all bad. I’ve been using PHPj scripts for ages now, poss two years. Their stuff does have it’s quirks, and it can take a while to customise the look with CSS hacks, and it has to be said the admin panels are straight out of the 1990’s, but everything I’ve used from them so far is rock solid.

Some of their scripts are starting to look and feel dated. Things like the gallery etc. But I don’t think they plan to do much with these now as their focus seems to be far more on things like booking systems, stores, and so on.

There support is brilliant too. This morning they’ve been working with me to customise the one-admin feature this thread is about. They worked out how to do hacks their end then sent me detailed instructions and pictures so I can do it my end. They do offer to just FTP in and make the changes for you, but I always prefer to learn how to do it myself.

As for the CSS load… Ya, nothing is perfect. Not for €19 anyway! I’ve no idea if an alternative script would be lighter, maybe it would. But I’ll suffer the load to continue to work with scripts I understand and support staff I know are there when needed.

Good points.

The PHPJabber site says you can buy the form generator for €4.65 but it seems you have buy a bundle of other stuff for €279 with no obvious way to buy just the form generator. Bit naughty.

How many client users do you have? Cloudflare Access if free for the first 5 seats (across all domains in a single account).

It’s pretty stellar. You can set it up for Gmail login, or if you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a Google Cloud app, you can have it send the approved use a magic link.

@steveb how do you integrate the php scripts into RW? I have one for car classified ads, that can be a website in itself but not worked it out yet. At the moment it sits outside RW in it’s own page, so not ideal and doesn’t share the same look/navigation of the main site.

Looked at the phpjabbers car classified but unfortunately it doesn’t filter the makes/models available to those in stock, like the current script I have.

The admin sections of the script normally have an install tab. When you click it you get the code to add to the site…

That’s from the demo of their car classifieds script:

@bret I’m lost. Not really sure what Cloudfare has to do with the admin access for multiple PHPj scripts!

@Webdeersign. That deal has been running since forever, but it’s not really a good deal as it doesn’t include support.

This page: is the place to get the deals. Keep refreshing it until the script you want appear in the list.


Hi @steveb, I probably misunderstood. I thought you were looking for a way to restrict access to a page or set of pages – PHPj scripts – to put them behind authentication. Please disregard.

Well I never. What a bizarre way to sell stuff. Anyway it works.

You add the generated HTML code into any Stacks HTML stack. If you are using Source, then paste into a Coder stack and place that inside a Container to set the width to something like 500px and add any padding you want.

I know. At anyone time you can pay about five different prices for their stuff. It is a weird approach. But really, after dealing with them now a lot, I don’t think they make their money selling scripts, but customising them.

Most of the ones i use regularly I’ve had customised, and this can cost hundreds of euros. But of course, you don’t have to, out of the box they work well. I just like to have stuff working exactly as I want it.

I’ve tried that approach in the past but it doesn’t work well, I think do to the way you have to set the php script up. I’m trying to learn a bit of php/mysql to achieve what i want, hopefully get the info I need out, maybe even have to make some custom stacks (out with my skill set but hopefully find time to do it).

Unfortunately nothing in the RW world matches the current script yet. TotalCMS 2 could be it but it’s still likely a few months away.

Not entirely sure I follow.

To use a PHPj script…

  1. Buy script
  2. Put the script on your server
  3. Setup a database
  4. Navigate to the folder on the server where you put the script
  5. Click install
  6. When it asks, type in the database details
  7. When it asks type in an admin username and password
  8. Once install complete log in to the dashboard and set things up as you wish
  9. Add the code from the “install” tab to the page where you want it to appear

That’s it.

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Sorry @steveb wasn’t clear, it’s the script I have already from a coder on CodeCanyon, not a phpjabber one.

O, then now I’m totally lost.

This thread has had a surreal feel to it from the off.

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