PSA: Google Analytics Now Ilegal In Austria. Rest Of EU Expected To Follow

Although, worth adding that personally I don’t believe the rest of the EU will follow, not in the short term anyway, as they have a massive reworking of the GDPR already underway, which will take years to complete (and by then, it’ll too be out of date!).


Update: France has now done the same.

And the Netherlands and now Italy

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It is not illegal in Italy.
However, from 10 January, for example, if you track users and make use of cookies, you must have a privacy and cookie policy and have a cookie banner management system, preventive blocking of cookies and consent collection in accordance with the new guidelines. of the Privacy Guarantor.

Forgive me, you were right. I have deepened, 23.06.2022 The Italian Data Protection Authority has given its stop to the use of Analytics that transfer data to the United States of America without guarantees.
Therefore, after September 2022 it is no longer possible to transfer data outside the European area.