PSA: UIkit3 Heading Stack After Update

If you’ve previously, before the recent update, used the old style size modifier with a Heading stack, once updated to v3.2.7/8 you will notice that you can no longer select the H tag (H1, H2, etc.).

It’s because the new Heading stack has changed the way size modifiers are selected/applied and it’s not backwards compatible.

You might think (as I did) that the only way to fix this is to replace “old” Heading stack with a new one. But there is a simple fix…

The old size modifier of Primary & hero is gone, replaced with the new one of Small, Medium etc. If you used the size modifier before the update after the updated the new size will default to “no change” and the H tag selector will be missing. T get it back just change the size modifier from “no-change” to whatever you want, then back to “no-change”. The H tag selector will now appear.

The headings modifiers make lot of more sense than the old hero and primary, but yep this heading change is a pain. Anyways I’m working on a version that will add sizes options to the customizer, hope to get it ready today.