Published to godaddy .... no css / site a mess HELP!

I made a RW site to replace my clients WP site hosted on Godaddy.

I deleted the WP site from the public html folder and uploaded the RW site. (several times)

Somehow the style sheets must not have made it because the text is there but nothing else here you will see the mess!

I dont know what to do and am holding for 50 mins for Godaddy help. YIKES! I need to fix tonight. Maybe a php thing? Im v ignorant about this and godddy !

If you published via RW’s built-in method, then try exporting the site and transfer the files via another program to the server.

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Check the indexes of all folders, you may have php and html together.

Manually delete the entire site (being careful not to delete essential files from your host) then republish everything.

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Try to find why all your images, css etc. are not found.

Perhaps a problem with the website address in your publishing parameters ?

Hi @Domino,

If you look in the browser console, you’ll see a lot of files 404-ing, including the css files.

The folder that is 404-ing, is rw_common/files/files

Now, normally, there shouldn’t be a subfolder called 'files’inside rw_common, let alone another folder called ‘files’ inside files, so there’s something amiss in that department.

The files folder, containing all css and more, should be directly in the root (for the home page) and in each subfolder for pages that you create. But NOT in rw_common.

Have you moved stuff using a file manager? Or tried to force the location of files from within RW?

To be sure, try republishing all files (RW > File > Re-publish all files) after you delete everything from the public_html folder.

If the problem persists, the cause must be in your project file. If that’s the case, why not share it here (as a zipped file) so we can have a look at it?


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For some reason I cant publish direct from RW it will connect on test. But not when I try" browse for file path" and not when I try to publish site or publish one page.
So I exported to desktop
It maybe something wrong here because a godaddy guy told me that pages are being converted to a file instead of a folder… this is creating a huge problem!

I was lucky to get the most amazing support guy who unlike the others was able to go into my Godaddy Control Panel and sort enough out so that the home page is there.

I had exported from RW to my desktop. Then I had dragged these files into Godaddy … somewhere here apparently pages are converting to file instead of folder. This is why the pages testimonials and shop are still missing. I’m getting there! But need to figure out why that is happening … and how to update/ publish in the future!!!


So I just used Transmit and uploaded the missing pages/files and it worked perfectly PHEW!

It seems somehow uploading them directly via the GoDaddy tools section was doing something weird.
Once it was screwed up nothing I did worked! I was so lucky to get a great support guy who was able to go into my CP and fix as all the others I had spoken to said they were not allowed.


I’m pleased to hear that you found assistance with your issue. Just a suggestion, if GoDaddy continues to charge high prices for SSL certificates, you may want to explore other hosting options when your current contract expires. Many providers now offer free SSL certificates, whereas GoDaddy’s prices have been quite high in the past. I used to be a satisfied GoDaddy customer for many years but switched to a different host about five or six years ago, and I couldn’t be happier.

My current host, which I’ve been with for around five or six years, provides excellent uptime, ample bandwidth, and generous disk space, including email storage – all of which are crucial factors. Moreover, I’ve always found their customer support to be quite helpful. Regardless, I’m very glad you were able to find someone who could help you with your website.

Thanks Dave.
I agree!
I usually host all with Chillidog which is why I am spoilt … In this case they were already with GD so I thought I’d leave it as they have paid to 2024. I had been building the site and testing on Chillidog all without a hitch!
My problem was that I messed it up and then couldnt fix. I had to keep calling Go Daddy and had at least 6 support people tell me it could not be corrected . Eventually the last guy actually looked at it and could fix it~ !
I find the add on costs at Godaddy insane ! For example one support guy yesterday told me I could add an info@ email address for free because my client had paid for pkg of 5 email addresses and was only using one. So I set it up and within minutes my client was charged $165 !
Im not slagging off Go Daddy … its my own ignorance that got me into the mess … but l will be transfering all over to Chillidog next year when payment is due again

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@Domino Honestly you could probably save time and grief by transferring over to another host like Chillidog sooner rather than later. The money you “lose” from GoDaddy may pale in comparison to unexpected costs you run into with them, plus of course … your time trying to figure out weirdnesses on their part.

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Hi Mitchellm
Thanks … yes I 100% agree. I should have followed my instincts and just done that right at the beginning.

Because im so hopeless at that side of things its the email part that always freaks me out about transfering hosting. … Having said that today when I had been told by one GoDaddy helper that it was not possible to use GoDddy with a Rapidweaver made site I decided perhaps to point the domain over to Chillidog and the guy said that would not effect email. I just was not confident that this was correct information. Sometimes they appear to be reading from a script … Never again.

Almost anything is actually possible with the right help. Greg, at Chilidog can help make things happen for you. He is known for great customer service.

I have one client who long had everything over at GoDaddy. I talked them into moving their domains and web hosting to DreamHost about four years ago; but they left their email with GoDaddy because they offered a partnership with Microsoft back then (I guess they still do, because their A-Records still point to them) and DreamHost didn’t/doesn’t. When the transfers occurred (at different times dues to domains transferring and hosting transferring), everything worked flawlessly. Recently, they had an issue with some emails landing in spam; a GoDaddy tech had me fixed up in no-time flat (I just had to modify the A-Records slightly over at DreamHost).