Publishing Issue? Splider/Warehoused Images

I’m using Source framework and the Splider stack on my site. I’ve noticed that when I publish, I get a folder called ‘index_files’.

Inside this folder (alongside ‘spliderAssets’) are a bunch of JPGs named ‘local-link_xxxx’ (where xxxx is a random four-digit string). I’m not sure why this is, as all of the images in my project are warehoused. Why are these being generated, and how do I avoid this?

Maybe you previously published with some local images before switching to warehoused?

If you look at the images you should be able to see what they are / figure out where they came from. It may not even be Splider stack that you added these to - are there other stacks on the page that use images?

Did you use a downloaded example as a template?
Splider-sample file for example.

I did this recently with a grid example.
I changed all of the images to warehoused but didn’t clear the example image first.

I’ve been poking around and am thinking that this is an RW issue, probably not connected to Splider. I copied the home page of my project to an entirely new, blank project. I then set any stack that contained an image (I was using Splider and Srcerer) to “do not publish”.

The resulting published page is made up solely of text, CSS drawings, Font Awesome icons and a few SVG icons. However, I am still having the local-link_xxxx.jpg published into the ‘files’ folder.

Does RW maybe have a cache that I can clear? It’s getting these images from somewhere, but it’s not my project file!

Can you see what the images are if you access them via your server?

Are they used/included in the published live page? Have you got a url that we can see?

I can see the images that are on the server. They are ones that I use in my “full” project but as mentioned earlier, for testing purposes, I’ve removed any stack that makes use of images. So to answer your second question: no, they are not used/included in the published page.

I’ve published it at

Did you delete the contents of that folder before re-publishing? They may still just be in that folder from the original publish.

I did.

can you DM me the project page and I’ll take a look?

Sure… how do I do that?

Just click on the little icon / you name in the top right and use the Message option that is in there (somewhere).

or email to: info at shakingthehabitual dot com

I tried that earlier but didn’t see any way to compose a new message (this is a ME problem, I’m sure lol). Sent by email.

I think it is as @Ricinport suggested here. Some of the Srcerer stacks still have a local image that has been added to the stack (before being switched to warehoused). Stacks still includes these as resources as it doesn’t know if the stack is/isn’t using them.

It’s not a big issue if you can’t be bothered going through the stacks to fix this. It’s just that they will be taking up a bit of space on your server. As they are not being called by the page (and they are not) then they won’t affect the page loading etc.

Ah, OK. Just trying to avoid server clutter more than anything. Knowing this at least reassures me that I wasn’t missing any steps though! Thanks for checking.

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One more thought… since I removed all stacks that use images, how are ANY images being published (be they warehoused or local)? There are no tags anywhere in the source code (except for one that points to our logo).

Is a Stacks thing. Even if you add the basic Stacks Image stack to a blank page > Add an image > Set that stack to ‘Do not publish’ the image will still be included as a resource in the exported folder.