Pulse login broken

Hello I would like to request some help to be able to log-in to my pulse admin. I deleted the confic.json file and installed an older one from a backup. But it does still not allow me to login. So what exactly is going on with this version of Pulse. What exactly happened, was that I updated to PulseCMS 5.3.9. After the update I had to key in my login credentials 3 times before it let me in. Then I tried another browser, and the same thing happened. Only it did not let me in at all in that browser. So I did a mistake and asked it to reset my password. But I never got an email. So now I am completely stuck. How do I get out of this mess? I cannot make a new install because it is a very big site with a big amount of content. It is also not my site, so I cannot risk that the site gets deleted. I wrote on this forum a couple of days ago, but I never got any response from the developer.

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Kent Pedersen

I actually left a reply to this in the Pulse forums https://forum.pulsecms.com/t/log-in-not-possible/1797

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OK thank you very much